- Our Story -


The Muesli Folk is a proudly owned and operated family business, fortunate to be crafting in the beautiful lush hills of the Tweed Valley, Murwillumbah, northern NSW.


We are true grass-roots, building our journey from the ground up.


Our head maker, Jake has been crafting his own blends of Muesli for 13 years now. He has a true knowledge and innate sense of what we create which has given us the foundation to bring you what is now The Muesli Folk.

Coming together in 2017 we formed the foundation of The Muesli Folk and have grown strong together from here.  


We craft all our amazing muesli and granola products by hand, and use only the best consciously sourced ingredients to ensure we provide the highest quality Muesli + Granola for optimal health.


We love our environment and believe in living sustainably.


We believe in the source of our food being cared for, and aim to use entirely organic and spray free ingredients. We source locally to our best abilities, and use no oils, fats, animal products, preservatives or additives. 

No animal products are used in the crafting of any of our products.


We are 100% Plant Based.


Along with an amazing memorable taste, our products are high in fibre, plant based proteins and low GI to give you sustained energy throughout the day. 


We are the makers.


We produce our entire range ourselves, by hand, using our classic vintage bakers oven giving us those olde world aromas each and every week.

Everything is cared for by us in our facility. We believe in a better future for us all.  We run on green power electricity.


 Our story has been one full of satisfaction, happiness, pitfalls, win-falls, all any good story has to offer!


And here we are, reaching further in to this journey to bring you timeless, quality earth grown food, for your pleasure and health.

All said, we do really love what we do. 


Thank you for joining us on this journey


Here's to good health!


Jake + Nikki + Nina