How to make your own Simple + Delicious, Healthy Coconut Yoghurt

Hello friends...
This one is super simple! Only 2x Ingredients...
Nothing fancy here, easy for us all, only a 3-step process :-) 
1. Coconut Milk 
2. Probiotic Capsules of your choice 
3. A piece of cheesecloth
Empty your Coconut Milk in to a clean glass jar or bowl. Make whatever quantity you wish for. Top with your Probiotic Capsules, crack these open and empty in to the coconut milk. 
Cover with a piece of cheesecloth, pop somewhere on your kitchen bench....and leave to do its thing. The mix will take 24-48 hours to do its thing. Once it is activated in this time, simply pop in to your refrigerator where it will then thicken naturally and cool. 
Thats it! 
It is delicious as is, or pop some flavouring in of your choice with any fruits or honey...enjoy x 






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